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Saturday in person camps
. Real-time activities en Español!
Participant cap is 7.

Theme: Home Economics
Activities: Baking, tasting, planting, decorating, crafting, painting. Also includes outdoor play, games, role play, all while practicing Español. We work in groups on different tasks then switch stations. 

Coming this August 2023!


This activity is beyond your average enrichment program. In this semi-private camp, your child will experience creativity in a new direction in real-time. Activities include hands on themed activity, outdoor play, table games, and crafts. All while practicing our Español!

Ages 8-12.
This fun, interactive and social class encourages curiosity and self-confidence. Participants build confidence in a fun environment with their peers. Your child will have fun speaking Spanish while developing vocabulary and full phrases of everyday living skills. Project and play based.

Classes are bilingual. We aim for an 80/20 Spanish to English experience.

Exposure to another language promotes brain development and cultural awareness. Get a jump start on your child’s exposure to the #1 foreign language used today!

Ongoing, Year-Round. Join Anytime!!

Camps are monthly and themed. Ages: 8-12 welcomed.

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