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THE SPANISH CLASSROOM On Campus After School Program


Our Teaching Method: We Care

Young minds have a special room for bilingual learning! 

New Smaller Class Size!

Have you noticed how the mind begins to wander and drift when it attempts to focus on a boring topic for too long?

By filling our lesson plans with practical activities and games that students will actually enjoy doing, gives them a positive association with Spanish class and keeps them wanting to pursue their studies. 
The goal is to spark curiosity and develop a new interest for speaking another language. Classes are structured to support daily use of the Spanish language Your child will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills useful in everyday life through the context of places we visit. We use a theme-based curriculum engaging students through a variety of activities.


Fun and effective!

Exposure to a second language, even without acquiring complete fluency, helps with cognitive development, academic achievement, as well as promotes cultural awareness.
   Class Description

3rd – 5th grade

This Spanish class is theme and game based. Role play, games, stories and activities are used to engage students in fun interactive play. Your child will develop listening, speaking and reading skills useful in everyday life. Fun and effective!  

1st - 3rd grade

We use a theme and play based curriculum that is relevant to your child’s everyday life and learn phrases that can be used outside of class. Your child will learn through music, games, role play, stories and repetition. Fun and effective!

After school Enrichment 

Spanish Class consists of a themed lesson followed by real-time activities. Your child will learn through games, role play, crafts and worksheet exercises. Participant cap is 12.

Give your child a jump start on the #1 foreign language used today!

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