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the spanish classrom aftershcool enrichment in Sacramento


Finding a program that’s the right fit for your family is very important. Parents need to know and share the after school enrichment program values. It will bring the collaboration between the Spanish teacher and the family to the highest level and will benefit the child the most.


We believe that each child has a huge potential! Our goal is to recognize this potential, recognize the talents as well as challenges and bring the student to his highest level. We Believe In Our Kids, we believe that they are destined to the GREATEST future!

Happy hour

Do you like playing games? Do you like board games? How about team games? The instructor incorporates a lot of games in order to build a vocabulary, to practice your Spanish and to have fun playing.

The Spanish Classroom on campus enrichment program is your best choice for your kids to learn Spanish after school. Focus is on everyday living skills, pronunciation and speaking. Classes are structured to support daily use of the Spanish language. We incorporate themes that are relevant to your child’s everyday life and learn words that can be used outside of class.

The curriculum is sequential with constant review. Books and video are used to promote a fun and engaging exercise for the students to learn by associating words with pictures and connecting them to stories.   We offer Spanish classes in over 20 schools as after school enrichment program, with the most comprehensive schedule of classes available. We are Sacramento’s Premier on campus Spanish enrichment class for kids.


  • The Best Value

Tuition prices are kept low, but not at the sacrifice of high-quality faculty, facilities, and staff attention.


  • The Best Teachers

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers from different countries which creates diversity between the Spanish speaking regions, providing an innovative learning experience for the children.

We carefully select our faculty and attract the best teachers with very competitive compensation. Our teachers care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment which is most conducive to learning.


  • The Best Experience

Our experienced and caring teachers are the best Spanish teachers in Sacramento.
The real test is customer satisfaction. Our students return to us term after term because their progress is obtainable and recognizable.


  • The Best Locations

What better location than your school site!

Our classes are at schools, we are close to you, no matter where you are we have a class in your neighborhood. You can rest assured that your child is safe and in a familiar location.

We have a great reputation with many schools within Sac City Unified, San Juan Unified, Natomas Unified and Roseville City School District. 


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